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Nick's Seasonal Décor

Deer Butt Kit

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This kit will be designed on a Facebook LIVE. 


X1. 2 PC 27"H X 13"L DEER BUTT DECOR KIT MD056124 $21.99 (23)

X1. 10.25"X10YD BORDER STRIPE METALLIC MESH RE8503E6 $4.99 (28)

X1. 10.25"X10YD POLY/JUTE/METALLIC MESH RY800824 $8.49 (54)

X1. 1.5"X10YD WOVEN FLANNEL CHECK RG08044MA $6.89 (39)


X1. 15"WIRE, PENCIL WORK WREATH XX750302 $6.49 (35)